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Vivian Mail 3.27 - Email Program

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Vivian Mail - Email Program

Vivian Mail - Email Program

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Vivian Mail is a small, really fast and secure email client, but its features are a mixed bag, and some essentials — like IMAP support — are missing completely. Vivian Mail is no longer available.


  • Vivian Mail is small, lean and fast
  • Message templates and text macros
  • Vivian Mail includes a secure HTML message viewer


  • Vivian Mail supports only POP accounts
  • The message editor not powerful enough
  • Vivian Mail does not support message encryption or signing


  • Vivian Mail manages multiple POP accounts for multiple users.
  • Includes a secure and privacy-conscious HTML message viewer.
  • Vivian Mail lets you access mail directly at the POP server, too.
  • Simple message templates and text macros make using often used text easy and convenient.
  • Vivian Mail's filters can sort mail to folders automatically based on sender, recipient or subject.
  • Vivian Mail supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - Vivian Mail 3.27 - Email Program

Have you, too, always wondered whether email clients have to be feature-packed and complicated, cluttered and slow? The answer is "No", and Vivian Mail is an instance of that answer, and epitome even.

Vivian Mail is fast and simple, and most essential features are there. Vivian Mail even includes several useful advanced gimmicks such as message templates and "phrases" that let you enter often used text quickly. Another great feature you won't find in many email programs is the remote mailbox browser which you can use to read and delete mail directly at the server.

Unfortunately, Vivian Mail lacks support for IMAP accounts and secure messaging, and Vivian Mail's message editor is neither very comfortable nor powerful.

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