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PocoMail 4.8 - Email Program

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PocoMail - Email Program

PocoMail - Email Program

Poco Systems

The Bottom Line

PocoMail is a great email client with hardly any weak points but many useful and powerful features such as competent spam filtering, flexible message editing and fast search. It could profit from email encryption, though, and automatic organization of emails would be great.


  • PocoMail includes strong spam filtering, search and mail editing abilities
  • You can use PocoMail to read items from RSS feeds as you read email
  • The versatile scripting language PocoScript lets you automate many tasks in PocoMail


  • PocoMail does not support OpenPGP and S/MIME secure email natively
  • PocoMail's IMAP support could be improved
  • PocoMail does not pre-sort email for you learning by example


  • PocoMail manages multiple POP and IMAP email accounts, Usenet news and RSS feeds.
  • You can focus specific mail fast with a search bar in PocoMail and flag mail using colored labels.
  • PocoMail offers versatile filters and powerful message templates using a great number of variables.
  • Adaptive Bayesian spam filtering moves junk mail to a special PocoMail folder automatically.
  • PocoMail supports multiple address books, bulk email features, and remote mailbox management.
  • Using PocoMail's powerful editor, you can craft emails and perfect replies in HTML or plain text.
  • PocoMail can block remote images and sanitize HTML messages to ensure privacy and security.
  • Many small, but useful enhancements of standard features known from other email programs.
  • PocoScript, PocoMail's scripting language, makes nearly every aspect of email handling scriptable.
  • PocoMail supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista.

Guide Review - PocoMail 4.8 - Email Program

If email is the killer application, then the killer feature in PocoMail is its scripting language PocoScript, which lets you automate just about every aspect of it.

But even if you decide not to take advantage of PocoScript, PocoMail offers almost everything an email user could want, and then some. Even standard features come with nifty and useful tweaks. This minute attention to the details and little things can enhance your email experience a lot and makes PocoMail a highly usable, efficient application.

Overly long (context) menus and a plethora of options can make some features difficult to find and configure, though, and PocoMail takes a little getting used to.

If you have gotten used to seeing spam, PocoMail can help. A Bayesian filtering engine that is both easy to use and precise gets rid of the junk mail reliably. It's best to turn off PocoMail's complimentary rules-based filters (which produced a couple of false positives for me), though.

If PocoMail's spam filter could be leveraged for automatically organizing good mail, that would be awesome.

Using a quick search bar and colorful labels, PocoMail helps you organize just fine, however. In addition mail from POP and IMAP accounts, PocoMail lets you receive news items from RSS feeds in just the same manner(setting up multiple feeds could be a bit easier).

While PocoMail is an email client with great security and privacy protection, it sadly lacks a powerful interface to common email encryption standards.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Used to LOVE IT! But..., Member Lynlee0

I have used Pocomail since Nov. 2001. Features are robust. I recently updated to Windows 7 (I stick with what works > XP) AND added a new email server. I get email just fine, but am unable to send it using this new server only. (Husband can send from the new server just fine, using another email program.) I am currently using v4.8.x Pocomail. I sent them a 'Request for Help' 11 days ago. All I got for a reply was an automated email saying they received my message. After a week, I posted the same request for help in their forums, same results. I believe now, the program is no longer supported and it's time to find another email program.

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