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Pegasus Mail 4.7 - Free Email Program

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Pegasus Mail - Free Email Program

Pegasus Mail - Free Email Program

David Harris

The Bottom Line

Pegasus Mail is one of the most powerful, secure and generally best email programs available for Windows, but the interface could need some polishing to make its features more accessible.

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  • Pegasus Mail excels with a myriad of powerful features
  • Stable, secure and privacy conscious, Pegasus Mail helps you be safe online
  • Pegasus Mail includes fine and easy to use Bayesian spam filtering


  • Some of Pegasus Mail's many features could be more obvious and easier to access
  • The message editor is powerful, but not perfect, search could be even faster
  • Pegasus Mail does not include virtual folders or labels that would learn by example


  • Pegasus Mail manages multiple POP and IMAP accounts, multiple identities and multiple users.
  • Highly versatile and powerful filters as well as Bayesian spam filters and some phishing protection.
  • Distribution lists and mail merge functionality allow easy bulk mailing in Pegasus Mail.
  • Pegasus Mail lets you preview and filter messages directly at a remote POP server.
  • Supports TLS/SSL, has built-in email encryption and can work with third-party security solutions.
  • Messages can be grouped by thread, sender, date, and more criteria in Pegasus Mail.
  • A powerful message editor offers both rich HTML and automatic plain text formatting.
  • Pegasus Mail lets you create flexible message templates for canned replies.
  • Public folders allow multiple users to share access to the same messages in Pegasus Mail.
  • Pegasus Mail supports Windows 2000/3/XP/Vista/7/8.

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