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Karen's E-Mailer II 1.3

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Karen's E-Mailer II

Karen's E-Mailer II

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Karen's E-Mailer II is a simple and useful mailer that lets you define messages and send them flexibly from scripts, for example. E-Mailer II is not a full-blown email automation too. though.


  • Karen's E-Mailer sends preset emails flexibly
  • Can send through SMTP or via your email client


  • Karen's E-Mailer lacks a comfortable editor
  • No address book
  • Can't personalize messages using variables


  • Karen's E-Mailer II is a command line mailer with a graphical interface to construct messages.
  • E-Mailer II can create a shortcut icon on the Desktop. Double-clicking sends the pre-defined email.
  • Preset messages can also be sent from scripts, programs, scheduled jobs or the command line.
  • E-Mailer II sends either directly via SMTP or by using a MAPI-compliant email client.
  • Karen's E-Mailer II supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

Guide Review - Karen's E-Mailer II 1.3

No program is complete until it can notify you via email. Many already have that capability, and the others just need Karen's E-Mailer II. E-Mailer can even add this feature to yourself.

It's easy to set up messages in E-Mailer (though the message editor isn't comfortable and lends itself only to very simple emails), and it's even easier to send them. You can create a shortcut on the Desktop which will immediately deliver the message, or send a particular preset from any script or program.

If you use E-Mailer's MAPI connectivity to send the messages through your email client you can even keep a copy of all outgoing mail.

Unfortunately, E-Mailer II lacks advanced features. Particularly, mail customization variables would be useful.

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