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DzSoft Mail Check 3.3 - Mail Checker

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DzSoft Mail Check - Mail Checker

DzSoft Mail Check - Mail Checker

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

DzSoft Mail Check is an efficient mail checker with ambitions to be an efficient anti-spam tool, too. Unfortunately, DzSoft Mail Check is no longer available.


  • DzSoft Mail Check has sophisticated spam filters
  • Easy to use, resource-friendly
  • Blocks some worms


  • Custom anti-spam filters not possible
  • DzSoft Mail Check supports POP only
  • Full message preview not possible


  • DzSoft Mail Check checks an unlimited number of POP email accounts for new mail periodically.
  • Number of new messages announced in system tray and status window.
  • Sophisticated anti-spam filters delete spam automatically right at the server.
  • DzSoft Mail Check detects messages generated by worms like Sircam.
  • Skinnable and supports custom icons.
  • Message header preview and instant message deletion.
  • Note: DzSoft Mail Check is no longer under active development.
  • DzSoft Mail Check supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Guide Review - DzSoft Mail Check 3.3 - Mail Checker

DzSoft Mail Check announces new mail in any of an unlimited number of POP (the only supported protocol) in an unobtrusive and efficient manner.

The option to assign a different sound to each account comes in handy, but makes it even harder to understand why the checking interval cannot be customized per account. The feature that makes this mail checker stand out from the crowd is the rich set of pre-configured anti-spam filters it comes with.

Getting started with efficient spam filtering takes but a few mouse clicks. DzSoft Mail Check can put an end to the Sircam insanity, too. Unfortunately, this is also where Mail Check stops. Except for blocked words and addresses, the anti-spam filters cannot be customized, and you cannot add your own.

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