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eMill 4.6 - Email Marketing Software

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eMill - Email Marketing Software

eMill - Email Marketing Software

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

eMill is a highly powerful, advanced and flexible bulk email application, prepared to tackle even the most complicated mailing needs with its scripting language and useful web interface.


  • eMill features a powerful scripting language that accommodates to all needs
  • A rich WYSIWYG email editor makes creating emails easy in eMill
  • eMill can be operated through a web interface


  • eMill is probably overkill for smaller projects
  • Actions that require scripting could be simplified in eMill


  • eMill is a sophisticated email marketing application for Windows.
  • Connects to databases using ADO and SQL or your address books, data can be edited within eMill.
  • eMill supports multiple users with advanced features such as Windows XP security, quotas, and more.
  • Plain text and HTML WYSIWYG editor, preview and simulation, SpamAssassin-based spam score meter.
  • eMill includes a powerful scripting language similar to ASP for highly personalized messages.
  • Message deliver through internal or multiple external SMTP servers and sends SMS messages, too.
  • eMill updates databases flexibly and processes incoming messages using easy to set up rules.
  • A web interface lets you manage eMill projects from anywhere with but a web browser.
  • Includes powerful message and click-through tracking with flexible statistics.
  • eMill supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista.

Guide Review - eMill 4.6 - Email Marketing Software

Whatever your bulk email needs may be, eMill probably is the tool to satisfy them.

It can send rich, personalized email newsletters just as well as receipts or email forms and tracks messages and click-throughs in real time, generating useful statistics. eMill can convert messages to PDF and process results from mailed forms. And of course you can use it to manage your mailing list with incoming mail handling, web forms generation and confirmation messages.

A web interface makes your eMill projects available from anywhere with just a browser.

The more advanced uses of eMill require its built-in scripting language, which is not always trivial. But learning to use the VBScript-based Active Messaging Script (AMS) opens the door to highly personalized and sophisticated projects that integrate the web, your database and other middleware or business logic.

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 5 out of 5
A great emailing workshop, Member labilbe

This tool allowed me to do a true B2B mailing interface between our company and our customers. Its powerful scripting interface allows everything I want as a developer. In other words, this tool is awesome.

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