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Send a Form via Email

Forms and Their Results via Email


If you hit the Submit button at the end of a form, something must happen. The data you entered somehow must reach its destination. HTML basically offers two ways to accomplish this. One is to
  • have the server (where the web site containing the form is kept) take care of the data delivery.

The other is

  • to send an email.

Obviously, the first method is not our first choice when we want to send a form via email.

We have to set up a script somewhere on a web server that takes the input from the emailed form. For this to work, the user's Web browser must be launched and will display some sort of "results" page where we tell them that we have collected the data.

This sounds cumbersome, but if you have access to a web server and can run scripts on it, this is a viable option.

The second method sounds more like what we would want to do if we send a form via email. The email client automatically composes an email containing the form input and sends it back to an address we specify.

To set up the form we need some HTML skills and tags and this is also where we begin to enter the second (and final) problem.

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