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How to Whitelist a Domain in spamPepper


When somebody not yet registered or banned by your spamPepper sends you an email, they get back a message that challenges them to authenticate. They have to send back an email.

Not a big deal, you may think. The tricky and clever thing about spamPepper is that the challenged sender only gets to see your nickname, not your email address. While it will be easy for friends and colleagues to connect the nickname with your email address (or, simply, the challenging message with the last email they sent), spammers have no chance to guess the right address. Thus they will fail to authenticate even if they or their robots would attempt to reply.

Unfortunately, the same applies to senders of newsletters and to mailing lists. That's why it's important to authorize newsletters manually in spamPepper, ideally at the same time when you sign up. I have registered the "about.com" domain, for example, to make sure I get all the About newsletters I have signed up for.

Whitelist a Domain in spamPepper

To whitelist an entire domain in spamPepper:

  • Select File | New | Registration ByPass Rule from the menu in spamPepper.
  • Give the rule an appropriate name.
  • Click on Contains and select Ends with.
    • The rule text so far should read: Bypass Registration for messages when the... From line Ends with any of the following....
  • Type the domain name in the text area.
    • To whitelist all About newsletters, for example, type "about.com".
  • Click OK.

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