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How to Add a Domain to Your Trusted Senders in Spam Interceptor


Good mail from good senders. That's what you get (instead of all the spam) with Spam Interceptor, usually without much effort on your part.

Yet, preemptive action makes sense sometimes. Newsletters can look like spam to Spam Interceptor, and their senders usually don't have the resources to authenticate for thousands of recipients.

If you whitelist the newsletter's sender or domain by adding them to your Trusted authentication list in Spam Interceptor, you can avoid having the newsletter ever be filtered away as junk. For example, I have added the "about.com" domain to my Trusted list to make sure I will get all my About newsletters, no matter what.

Add a Domain to Your Trusted Senders in Spam Interceptor

To add a domain to your Trusted senders in Spam Interceptor:

  • Follow the Trusted link under > Authentication Lists.
  • Enter the domain name, preceded by the wildcard character '*' and '@'.
    • To whitelist all About newsletters, for example, type "*@aboutguide.com".
  • Click Add.

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