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How to Teach Spamihilator about Spam and Good Mail


Once trained, the Bayesian filter in Spamihilator works great.

Unfortunately, getting there isn't implemented perfectly in Spamihilator as you have to keep telling it what good mail looks like, and what spam is. Fortunately, doing this isn't difficult.

Teach Spamihilator about Spam and Good Mail

To teach Spamihilator what is spam and what good mail:

  • Click on the Spamihilator system tray icon with the right mouse button.
  • Select Training Area… from the menu.
  • Go through the list of messages and classify them using the Spam and Non-Spam buttons.
    • You can use the Pre-Mark button to find out what Spamihilator thinks about the messages based on previous learning sessions.
  • Click Learn!.

By default, Spamihilator keeps mail in the Training Area for three days. If you get lots of mail (and lots of spam) you should probably teach it more often, though. You'll also profit from each teaching session immediately as Spamihilator can use the newly learned knowledge to classify new messages.

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