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Whitelist a Sender or Domain in SpamChoke


SpamChoke has an impressive collection of filters in place to detect spam and only spam. Still, and in particular when it comes to messages that, from the point of a junk mail filter, are somewhere in between spam and personal messages -- when it comes to newsletters and opt-in marketing messages, SpamChoke also relies on white lists to make sure mail from trusted sources is never marked as spam.

Adding an individual sender or a whole domain to SpamChoke's white list is much easier and faster than writing or reading this or (in particular) the previous sentence. I have whitelisted the "about.com" domain, for example, to make sure all About newsletters come through unhampered.

To whitelist a sender or domain in SpamChoke:

  • Select Options in the SpamChoke window.
  • Click Customize.
  • Select Add.
  • Make sure From is selected under Email header.
  • Type the email address in the Filter text field.
    • To whitelist a domain, you can precede the domain name with '@'.
    • To whitelist the "about.com" domain, for example, type "@aboutguide.com".
  • Make sure Add to White list is selected.
  • Click OK.

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