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Emoticons Mail 3.2 - Smiley Tool

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Emoticons Mail - Smiley Tool

Emoticons Mail - Smiley Tool

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Emoticons Mail comes with a big collection of smileys that you can use easily in your emails. Unfortunately, it lacks handy keyboard shortcuts.


  • Emoticons Mail is easy to use
  • Many smileys come included with Emoticons Mail, those often used are easily accessed
  • Emoticons Mail lets you add your own emoticons


  • Emoticons Mail doesn't offer (custom) keyboard shortcuts
  • Emoticons can't be organized to your preference easily in Emoticons Mail
  • Emoticons Mail lacks (keyword) searching for smileys


  • Emoticons Mail lets you insert graphical smileys in emails.
  • Emoticons Mail comes with more than 800 emoticons, organized in seven categories.
  • Smileys are inserted with a simple click from Emoticons Mail.
  • Emoticons Mail lets you add your own smileys to any category easily.
  • A special Emoticons Mail category collects the smileys you have used most recently for easy access.
  • You can also add your own favorite smileys to the "Favorites" category.
  • Emoticons Mail works with Outlook Express, Outlook, IncrediMail and web-based email accounts.
  • Emoticons Mail supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - Emoticons Mail 3.2 - Smiley Tool

Smileys composed only of text characters (like :-) are charming, but they can also get a bit boring.

With Emoticons Mail (or EmoMail), you can choose from hundreds of graphical smileys and insert them in your emails with just a click. Emoticons Mail supports Outlook Express, Outlook, IncrediMail and web-based email accounts through Internet Explorer in this way.

While the existing, numerous smileys are categorized nicely in Emoticons Mail, it's not possible to change the organization or add keywords to individual emoticons and search for them. Adding your own smileys to Emoticons Mail to any of the preset categories is easy, though.

Keyboard shortcuts beyond "open Emoticons Mail" would make a nice usability addition. The "Recent 50" category, which collects your most recently used smileys for easy access, is useful, though, and you can add your not-so-often used favorites to the favorites.

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