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NewzSpider 1.0 - RSS News Feed Reader

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NewzSpider - RSS News Feed Reader

NewzSpider - RSS News Feed Reader

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

NewzSpider makes it easy, convenient and fast to follow updates on your favorite sites and blogs. Unfortunately, NewzSpider lacks search, folders and flexibility when it comes to handling larger amounts of news or individual items.


  • NewzSpider is a simple, easy to use and convenient way to browse and read news
  • You can access NewzSpider efficiently using many keyboard shortcuts
  • NewzSpider lets you sort your subscriptions in groups


  • NewzSpider lacks search and virtual folders, doesn't integrate search engines
  • There is no combined view for a group's feeds and no newspaper-style display style
  • You can't bookmark or flag individual news items in NewzSpider


  • NewzSpider is a news aggregator for RSS/Atom feeds.
  • Coming with a few good feeds organized in groups, NewzSpider lets you add your own easily, too.
  • Normally sporting a three-pane interface, NewzSpider provides pure browsing when you head to a site.
  • NewzSpider can import and export subscriptions via OPML files.
  • NewzSpider supports Windows 98/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - NewzSpider 1.0 - RSS News Feed Reader

With more and more news from more and more sources (about more and more irrelevant topics), time becomes a crucial factor. You need the time to find and read the important stories accurately, and as little time as possible should be spent on the medium, the interface.

In NewzSpider, the interface is a simple, but very efficient experience. Using keyboard shortcuts, you can skim headlines, read descriptions and head to web sites for full stories. It's a pity NewzSpider doesn't really offer folders to collect feeds, though. You can organize your subscriptions, but NewzSpider doesn't aggregate all of a category's headlines, and you can't nest or collapse folders.

For a speedy news experience, a search feature, virtual folders and the ability to flag individual items would be great, too. NewzSpider also knows only one update interval for all feeds, something that won't make publishers happy. But when it comes to browsing and then reading news, NewzSpider is simple, fast and efficient.

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