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FeedDemon 2.6 - Free RSS News Feed Reader

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Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

FeedDemon is a clean and well thought-out approach to reading RSS feeds. Easy to configure and use, FeedDemon still has a very comprehensive feature set and hardly any weak spots.


  • FeedDemon is friendly, easy to use and convenient
  • "Watches" search news for keywords automatically and "News Bins" let you collect items manually
  • FeedDemon integrates and synchronizes with NewsGator Online accounts


  • FeedDemon lacks advanced and statistics-based filters
  • Searching could be faster in FeedDemon
  • FeedDemon does not thread related blog posts


  • FeedDemon is a news aggregator for RSS and Atom feeds.
  • Individual RSS channels can be organized easily in customizable per-topic listings in FeedDemon.
  • "News Bins" let you collect individual items. Subscriptions can be ranked by the attention given.
  • "Watches" are FeedDemon's virtual folders, searching current news for keywords automatically.
  • Additionally, individual items can be flagged or emailed easily from inside FeedDemon.
  • FeedDemon suppoprts OPML and APML (attention profiling) files and synchronizes seamlessly with NewsGator Online.
  • Support for Podcasting lets FeedDemon download and copy media files to any player automatically.
  • FeedDemon keeps news for offline reading and includes a cleanup wizard that trashes old news easily.
  • Integrating with bloogging tools, FeedDemon lets you blog about a news/blog item instantly.
  • FeedDemon supports Windows 98/ME/2000/3/XP/Vista.

Guide Review - FeedDemon 2.6 - Free RSS News Feed Reader

Whenever Nick Bradbury, the creator of TopStyle, starts a software project, the outcome is something right, and something good. FeedDemon, Bradbury's RSS feed reader, is a great example.

It's easy to add channels and it's convenient to read them in FeedDemon, but that's not all. FeedDemon also lets you collect individual items in "News Bins" to get back to later or share, automatically, as a link blog.

FeedDemon's "Watches" are even better. These automatic news bins comb through recent news, collecting all items matching a keyword. Unfortunately, FeedDemon's watches don't offer more sophisticated searches or statistics-based filtering. If you fall behind on your reading in spite of all the organizing and prioritizing, FeedDemon offers a "panic" button that marks everything (or just older articles) as read.

It is easy to map blog search engine results to feeds, though, and FeedDemon comes with a fully featured tabbed pop-up blocking and web-searching internal browser.

If you want to access your news from more than one place, FeedDemon offers very functional and easy integration with NewsGator Online. And if you are into audible news, FeedDemon can copy embedded files to your audio player on demand or automatically (during the night, for example). Videos can be played right in FeedDemon.

All in all, FeedDemon is one of the best, most versatile and easiest to use RSS readers. It's just a pity that FeedDemon is not an email client but a separate application.

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 4 out of 5
FeedDemon - A NiceDemon, an Angel too, Member eswaranr

Like a demon, it fastly downloading the feeds with various categories automatically and easily. And sorting by group,date is also available. It is really a nice tool ... sorry a nice demon to know the latest on any topics immediately.

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