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Forward a Message as an Attachment with Pegasus Mail


Pegasus Mail lets you share emails flexibly using the classic way of including the text of the forwarded message inline in a new email's body.

But Pegasus Mail also offers another method of forwarding an email. It lets you attach an email to a new message easily, which makes sure the forwarded message remains intact and gives you a distinct place to add your own comments.

To forward a message as an attachment with Pegasus Mail:

  • Highlight the message to be forwarded in its Pegasus Mail mailbox.
    • Alternatively, open the message in its own window.
  • Click Forward.
  • Make sure Start a new message with the messages attached is selected.
  • Select the Forward button.
  • Address and compose the message as usual.
    • You also have to enter a Subj:. Consider adding "Fwd: " and the original message's subject to make clear the message (also) contains a forwarded email.
    • To remove (or just check) the attached message, go to the Attachments tab.
  • Finally, deliver the message using the Send button.

Using this method of forwarding, you can also forward multiple messages at once easily with Pegasus Mail.

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