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How to Forward a Message Inline with Pegasus Mail


On a typical day, 9 out of 10 emails are not worth forwarding (because they're genuine spam).

But if you come across the one message that merits being shared with others, Pegasus Mail has a number of flexible ways to do this. One of them is the classic method of forwarding a message inline in a new email.

Forward a Message Inline with Pegasus Mail

To forward an email in a new message with Pegasus Mail:

  • Highlight the message you want to forward in its Pegasus Mail mailbox.
    • Of course, you can also open the message in its own window.
  • Click the Forward button.
  • Make sure Edit or make changes to the messages before forwarding them is selected under Forwarding method:.
    • Usually, you'll also want Word-wrap long lines in the message editor and Include tidy headers to be selected.
  • Click Forward.
  • Address and annotate the forward.
  • Finally, click Send to deliver the forwarded message.

Another way of forwarding mail offered by Pegasus Mail — and a particularly clean way — is as an attachment.

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