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Junk-Out 1.16 - Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter

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Junk-Out - Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter

Junk-Out - Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Junk-Out is a great anti-spam plug-in for Outlook. It combines the simplicity of Bayesian filters that just get it right with lots of flexibility. Unfortunately, Junk-Out is a bit resource hungry.


  • Junk-Out has a very high spam detection rate
  • Uses advanced Bayesian statistical analysis
  • Junk-Out is easy to use yet highly configurable


  • Junk-Out filtering can be slow and resource hungry
  • Doesn't fully recognize international languages
  • More advanced Bayesian filtering engines than Junk-Out's exist


  • Junk-Off is a spam filtering plug-in for Outlook.
  • Junk-Off uses Bayesian statistics to determine spam and learns with every message.
  • Additionally, a number of special filters work to avoid spammers fooling the Bayesian filtering.
  • Detected spam is moved to a special folder by Junk-Off, can be expired automatically.
  • Junk-Off includes a list of friends whose mail is never spam, tracks who you mail frequently.
  • Pro version allows you to fine-tune the Bayesian filtering, add custom filters, bounce spam.
  • Integrates fully with Outlook, adds spam statistics to mail info, try icon mail announcements.
  • Junk-Out supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 and Outlook 2000/2002.

Guide Review - Junk-Out 1.16 - Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter

Filtering spam in Outlook can be so simple. Install Junk-Out, train it for a while (or use the seed corpus) and let its Bayesian filters do their magic. With practically no false positives, Junk-Out moves spam to a special folder automatically. No hassle, no fuss, no spam.

Filtering spam can also be a highly configurable matter, though, with Junk-Out's pro version. It gives you full control of the filtering process, when to expire spam, whether to bounce it back, and much more. Junk-Out also adds a useful tray icon and even more useful statistical info to messages (you can even have the analysis broken down to individual words).

Junk-Out's only drawback is its hunger for system resources, and it could handle international languages better.

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