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Ella for Spam Control - Spam Filter

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Ella for Spam Control - Spam Filter

Ella for Spam Control - Spam Filter

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Ella for Spam Control is a wonderful and highly useful plug-in for Outlook and Outlook Express that not only effectively eliminates spam but prioritizes good mail, too. Unfortunately, Ella for Spam Control is not available for more (or all) email clients.
Ella for Spam Control is no longer available.


  • Ella for Spam Control cans spam and prioritizes mail reliably and precisely
  • Taking clues from every email it sees, Ella learns fast
  • Ella is simple and wonderfully easy to use


  • Ella for Spam Control cannot screen arbitrary folders
  • Supports Outlook and Outlook Express only
  • You can't have more than three categories of mail in Ella


  • Ella for Spam Control is a spam filtering and email classifying addon for Outlook & Outlook Express.
  • Ella moves spam and non-priority mail for later review and reading to special folders.
  • Using "associative memory" (something along the lines of neural networks), Ella learns by example.
  • Initial teaching happens through an easy to use wizard, later classifications via toolbar buttons.
  • You can have Ella screen incoming mail automatically or initiate scans manually.
  • Ella for Spam Control supports Windows NT/2000/3/XP and Outlook 2000/2/3 or Outlook Express 5/6.

Guide Review - Ella for Spam Control - Spam Filter

"Ella elle l'a" — France Gall must have known Ella for Spam Control, the spam filtering and email prioritizing plug-in for Outlook and Outlook Express.

Ella has this special something, the je-ne-sais-quoi of great software. Ella is appallingly simple, and it simply works.

Using associative memory (an tool of artificial intelligence), Ella for Spam Control learns by surprisingly few examples what spam, and what important mail looks like for you. So Ella not only moves spam out of sight and to its special folder, it also files non-priority mail to a folder for later review.

If Ella makes a mistake judging which folder a message belongs to, correcting it is easy, and Ella keeps learning.

It's a pity Ella only works with Outlook and Outlook Express, and given the problems of larger associative memories it may be interesting to see how well Ella for Spam Control performs with its memory filled with lots and lots of mail. It would also be great if custom categories could be defined in Ella.

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