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Eliminate Spam! 2.5 - Spam Filter

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Eliminate Spam! - Spam Filter

Eliminate Spam! - Spam Filter

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Eliminate Spam! is a fairly easy to use Outlook spam filter that applies a number of tests and blackhole lists to incoming mail. Unfortunately, Eliminate Spam! isn't all that precise and you have to maintain a white list of known senders to avoid false positives.
Eliminate Spam! is no longer available.


  • Eliminate Spam! integrates well with Outlook
  • Queries the open relay database
  • Eliminate Spam! makes it easy to ban or whitelist senders


  • Eliminate Spam! is not particularly accurate, catches good mail
  • You can't filter arbitrary Outlook folders with Eliminate Spam!


  • Eliminate Spam! is a junk email filtering plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Spam is detected via a custom set of filters, a list of known spammers and ORDB queries.
  • Additionally, Eliminate Spam! lets you keep personal black and white lists of senders and phrases.
  • Individual filters can be toggled in Eliminate Spam! and you can adjust the overall sensitivity.
  • Eliminate Spam! moves spam to a junk mail folder and quarantines mail of uncertain origin.
  • Eliminate Spam! supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/3/XP and Outlook 2000/2/3.

Guide Review - Eliminate Spam! 2.5 - Spam Filter

Eliminate Spam! has its emphasis on eliminating spam, if not from the internet that at least from your Outlook Inbox.

Using a number of rigid filters, a blacklist of known spammers and open relay database queries, Eliminate Spam! does that job fairly well. Only occasionally does a junk email make it past Eliminate Spam!.

Unfortunately, this is also true for good mail. The best and preferred — prominent toolbar buttons suggest it — method to avoid these false positives are white lists of known senders and allowed phrases. Of course, this isn't particularly flexible or safe (what about senders not yet known?), and maintaining these lists can take time better spent elsewhere.

If you ban a sender in Eliminate Spam!, this decision is shared with other users and mail from that sender is automatically filtered for everyone. While Eliminate Spam! doesn't provide direct access to the filters used, you can enable or disable them selectively if you think one of them is catching more good mail than spam. You can also adjust Eliminate Spam!'s overall sensitivity.

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