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How to Save Background Sound from Emails in Outlook Express


Outlook Express makes it easy to add (more or less appropriate) background sound to email message.

If you receive such a message and think: "Nice sound, I want to save it," however, there seems to be no way to do that in Outlook Express. And indeed you need another program to save the background sound out of an email in Outlook Express to some folder your hard drive.

Save Background Sound from Emails in Outlook Express

To save background sound that comes with email messages using Outlook Express under Windows XP SP2:

  • Set Outlook Express to display all mail in plain text only.
  • Open the message containing the background music in its own window.
  • Under Attach:, click on the desired sound file with the right mouse button.
  • Select Save As... from the menu.
  • Save the file to a folder of your choice.
  • Close the message.
  • Optionally, disable plain text only viewing again.

In versions of Outlook Express prior to Windows XP SP2:

  • Open the message containing the background sound in Outlook Express.
  • Select File | Save As... from the menu.
  • Use the *.eml format to store the message some place on your hard drive (the Desktop maybe).
  • Now open the message in another email program.
    • I have tried a few, and was successful with The Bat!.
  • Drag the .eml file over The Bat!'s main window and drop it there.
    • This will create a new message with the .eml file as an attachment.
  • Double-click on this attachment to open it.
  • The background sound file will appear as an attachment.
  • Save the sound file to your disk.
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