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How to Use a Custom Style Sheet in NetNewsWire


RSS feeds are all about getting the news you want the way you want them. You can choose to read them in a sweet news reader like NetNewsWire (or NetNewsWire Lite), for example.

If you use NetNewsWire, you can take this "personalization" a step further, actually. You can customize the way news items are displayed quite flexibly with custom styles from a CSS file. If you want to turn off link underlining, for example, add a { text-decoration:none; } to the CSS.

Use a Custom Style Sheet in NetNewsWire

To use a custom style sheet in NetNewsWire:

  • Create a CSS file with an editor in your Documents folder.
  • Select NetNewsWire (Lite) | Preferences... from the menu in NetNewsWire or NetNewsWire Lite.
  • Go to the HTML category.
  • Make sure Use custom style sheet is selected.
  • Click on Choose....
  • Select the desired CSS file.
  • Click Open.
  • Close the preferences dialog.

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