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Email Leaves a Permanent Record
Everything you mail will be used against you.

Empty Emails are Sure to Confuse
Playing a prank via email is easy, and it can be really bandwidth-conscious.

Wondering "How to Put That in Writing", Write "That"
Tell it like it is. Have you notices how people who you understand perfectly well when you listen to them become cryptic when they start writing?

Check Other Replies Before Replying on a Mailing List
New ideas are better ideas. If you read all replies to a particular message on a mailing list before replying yourself, you can avoid repeating something that's already beed said.

"Re:" is for Replies
"Re:" means "Reply:" and should only be used in replies.

Respect Mailing List Customs
What is okay here may be an affront there. Customs differ from mailing list to mailing list, and you should respect each.

Send a Christmas Tree via Email
Add a small Christmas tree to your emails.

Underlining in Plain Text Email Messages
How to underline plain text and emphasize it in email messages.

Avoid Date Misinterpretations in Emails
I'll see you 020301, right? Here's how to avoid confusion about dates in emails.

Be Sparing of Exclamation Marks
One exclamation mark is certainly enough!! This cannot be stressed enough.

Underlining in Plain-Text Messages
Get the perfect line-up for important text. Here's how to imitate underlining in plain text emails.

Talk About One Subject per Email Message Only
Help make the world less confusing. Try to talk about one subject per message only. For another subject, start a new email.

Agree About the Format Before Sending an Attachment
Make sure recipients can open the attachments you send them by agreeing on their format beforehand.

Separate Multiple Recipients Correctly
Message for you, you, you, and you. If you send an email to multiple recipients, make sure you enter them correctly.

Always Check the Recipient of a Reply to a List Message
Don't send personal messages to millions. Double-check where you send your email, especially when you reply to a mailing list message.

Wrap Lines at About 65 Characters in Emails
Make your messages a joy to read by ensuring your lines are short and sweet.

No Need for Street Addresses in Signatures
Come visit me, everybody! Unless you want everybody and the whole world to know where you live, don't include your street address in your email signature.

Send Yourself To-Do List Items via Email
My Inbox is my to-do list. I can add to it easily by sending myself an email.

Don't Forward Hoaxes
Email hoaxes often contain stories that are intriguing, and sure to irritate. Here's how to spot and stop urban legends.

Use the Standard Signature Delimiter
Sign your signature correctly by employing the standard signature delimiter in your emails.

Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists When You Go on Vacation
You'll be flooded with messages when you return anyway, so it's a good idea to at least put the mailing lists to a halt while you are away from email.

Write Short Messages in the Subject Only
Write Short Messages in the Subject Only (EOM)

Send A Rose via Plain Text Email
Send a minimal rose, and maximal charme with it — all this without using anything but plain text!

Keep Your Signature to 5 Lines of Text
"Signature" is a synonym for brief and unobtrusive — or at least it should be, because overly long signatures in emails are an annoyance.

Mail Netiquette Hints Privately
You made a mistake, if I'm not mistaken. Pointing out Netiquette mistakes in public is not very polite and a bit annoying — not good email Netiquette, so to speak.

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