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MailPictures 4.0

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MailPictures - Mac OS X Mail Add-On

MailPictures - Mac OS X Mail Add-On

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

MailPictures enhances Mac OS X Mail's ability to show pictures for known senders in emails by letting you specify the image to be used in email you send, and see other user's pictures automatically. MailPictures is no longer available.


  • Specify a picture to show up next to your address
  • MailPictures can use .Mac photos
  • Working seamlessly, MailPictures is easy to use


  • MailPictures doesn't support picons
  • Specifying your MailPictures image can be a bit confusing


  • MailPictures makes Mac OS X Mail display pictures for senders.
  • Lets you specify the URL of the picture to be used as your icon.
  • Works with images on Web servers and .Mac photos.
  • MailPictures adds the X-Image-Url header with the address of the icon to be used.
  • Looks for the X-Image-Url header in incoming mail and makes Mail use the specified picture.
  • MailPictures automatically caches the picture and can add it to the Address Book.
  • Optionally, MailPictures can add an X-Face to outgoing emails.
  • MailPictures supports Mac OS X 10.2+

Guide Review - MailPictures 4.0

Email addresses rarely reveal the looks of their owners. That's a pity, because you may be waiting for the bus with somebody you know very well — and not know it.

MailPictures, a Mac OS X Mail plug-in, can help. It lets you specify a picture to be displayed in emails to other users of MailPictures, and you will see their pictures. MailPictures uses Mail's ability to assign images to contacts, but it automates and simplifies the process.

MailPictures merely adds a header specifying the URL of the image to display, so there's little overhead involved, and on the receiving end it can automatically save the picture locally.

X-Face support can send an image of you even to those who don't use MailPictures (or Mac OS X Mail).

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