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How to Select Multiple Messages Easily in Mac OS X Mail


Do you want to forward more than one message at once in Mac OS X Mail, save them to a file, send a couple of emails to the printer in a rush or just get rid of a few messages quickly?

Whenever you plan to operate on a couple of emails in Mac OS X Mail, you first have to highlight them all in the message list. Of course, you can do this by holding down the Command button while clicking on the messages you want to select.

If the messages you want to highlight are next to each other, the mouse provides another, easier and faster way, though.

Select Multiple Messages Easily in Mac OS X Mail

To select more than one email easily in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Locate the first message in the list you want to highlight.
  • Click on the message and keep the mouse button pressed.
  • Drag the mouse pointer down (or up if you started with the last message) to select the desired messages.

You can even combine the Command key method with the mouse-dragging way of selecting messages if you drag to select multiple messages when you would click to select just one.

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