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Mailsmith 2.3 - Free Email Program

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Mailsmith - Free Email Program

Mailsmith - Free Email Program

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The Bottom Line

Mailsmith, the email client from the makers of BBEdit, is just as powerful and feature-rich as the text editor.
It's a pity Mailsmith supports POP accounts only, and a — adequately empowering — rich-text editor could be a neat addition, too.


  • Mailsmith comes with a world class (plain text) message editor
  • Powerful filters, stationery and text clippings help you manage mail in Mailsmith
  • Mailsmith integrates with SpamSieve for effective spam filtering


  • Mailsmith does not allow you to compose and send messages with rich HTML formatting
  • Works with POP accounts only
  • Mailsmith does not support S/MIME email encryption and signing


  • Mailsmith manages multiple POP email accounts.
  • Messages are stored in a database, allowing flexible and fast searching (using regular expressions).
  • The filtering is powerful, and Mailsmith lets you create filters easily from existing messages.
  • Mailsmith can import messages from Mail, Eudora, Claris Emailer, Pegasus Mail and mbox files.
  • Mailsmith's highly powerful and versatile message editor includes essential BBEdit features.
  • Mailsmith offers templates for often sent messages and (scriptable) clippings for often used text.
  • The whole application is OSA scriptable.
  • Mailsmith integrates with PGP 8 to offer secure messaging, supports TLS/SSL connections.
  • Direct integration with SpamSieve provides easy to use Bayesian spam filtering in Mailsmith.
  • Mailsmith supports Mac OS X 10.4/5/6.

Guide Review - Mailsmith 2.3 - Free Email Program

If the makers of BBEdit, the venerable leader of Mac editors, write an email client, something good can be expected. Mailsmith is a class act, indeed, in what it does, but its omissions are painfully obvious, too.

Naturally, Mailsmith has a world class editor, but lacks support for rich text both when composing and — a bit more cumbersomely — when displaying emails. Mailsmith's filtering concept is flexible and powerful, but sensible and easy to use, too. Not only can filters run scripts, but Mailsmith itself is fully scriptable.

Another highlight is the versatile message search engine that profits from all mail being kept in a database and regular expression flexibility. Mailsmith integrates SpamSieve, too, for effective junk mail filtering.

Unfortunately, Mailsmith supports POP accounts only and does not integrate S/MIME email encryption as well as it does OpenPGP.

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