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OS X Mail 7.0 - Mac Email Program

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OS X Mail

OS X Mail

Apple, Inc.

The Bottom Line

Mail is the solid, powerful and easy to use email program built into OS X.
While OS X Mail's smart spam filter gets rid of practically all junk mail, the fast and precise search and smart folders make finding and managing good mail a snap. The auto-populating folders could be even smarter, however, and support more filtering criteria.

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  • OS X Mail lets you manage mail with efficiency and comfort
  • Mail cans spam with an effective, learning junk mail filter
  • OS X Mail includes fast search, smart folders and enticing stationery


  • OS X Mail does not offer rules or smart folders that learn from example
  • Flexible message templates and truly free-form labeling are missing from OS X Mail
  • OS X Mail's smart folders could use more criteria (message categories, for example)


  • OS X Mail lets you manage multiple POP, IMAP, Exchange and iCloud email accounts.
  • You can send plain or rich text messages, using stationery as a starting point if you wish. Text substitution inserts snippets fast.
  • Spotlight-powered search finds mail and attached files fast, and smart folders automatically collect relevant messages.
  • Conversation view collects messages that belong together and hides superfluous text (e.g., signatures or quoted passages).
  • Incoming mail filters can organize and color-code messages for you, send automatic replies, and more. A VIPs folder automatically collects messages from key senders.
  • OS X Mail includes adaptive (Bayesian) spam filtering that moves spam out of the way effectively.
  • Integration with Notification Center offers desktop alerts and a history of notifications; you can choose the kind of mail to trigger alerts.
  • Mail detects phone numbers, addresses and other data automatically and offers to show maps or use contact information for address book entries.
  • Support for S/MIME email security lets you sign and encrypt messages in Mail, and parental controls allow you to restrict with whom a Mac OS X Mail user can correspond.
  • Using iCloud, Mail settings, rules and smart folders are synchronized across computers; text snippets synchronize with iOS as well.
  • OS X Mail supports OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

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