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Mail Watch 3.3 - Mail Checker

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Mail Watch

Mail Watch

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Mail Watch is a very nice and unobtrusive way of keeping an eye on your email accounts for new mail. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to preview mail or use filters to have only certain messages announced.


  • Mail Watch checks both POP and IMAP accounts
  • Useful OS X menu and window or bezel announcements
  • Mail Watch can play sounds and run AppleScript scripts, too


  • Mail Watch doesn't offer filters
  • You can't preview messages directly in Mail Watch
  • Mail Watch can't check IMAP folders other than the Inbox


  • Mail Watch checks multiple POP and IMAP accounts for new mail periodically.
  • New messages are announced via a OS X menu item or in a pop-up window.
  • You can preview the message subject and size in Mail Watch
  • Mail Watch can also play a sound or run an AppleScript.
  • You can launch your email client directly and comfortably from Mail Watch.
  • Sender and subject information is available in a special "Mail Manager" view.
  • Mail Watch supports Mac OS X 10.x.

Guide Review - Mail Watch 3.3 - Mail Checker

There can never be enough mail checkers. After all, there's always new mail coming in... and Mail Watch makes it a classy joy to watch it come.

The Mail Watch menu extra in particular is really useful with its color-coded icon and unpretentious mentioning of the new message count. The menu's menu lets you see which accounts the messages are in and how big they are.

What you cannot see in the menu, however, are the message subjects. These are available through a separate "Mail Manager" window, where you can delete unwanted mail, too.

An option to filter mail before announcing it might be useful, however, if it allows you to have only certain messages raise an alert. It would work great in combination with Mail Watch's nice ability to run an AppleScript upon new mail.

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