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Direct Mail 1.7.6 - Email Marketing Software

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Direct Mail - Email Marketing Software

Direct Mail - Email Marketing Software

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Direct Mail combines a nice and easy to use interface with powerful functionality like flexible mail merging and a fast delivery engine, but there's still room for improvement.


  • Direct Mail can import from MySQL databases
  • An internal mail delivery engine delivers mail fast in Direct Mail
  • Direct Mail has a nice, efficient, easy to use interface


  • Direct Mail lacks list management capabilities
  • You cannot write back to the database with Direct Mail
  • Direct Mail does not include a WYSIWYG HTML editor


  • Send emails in bulk through internal or external SMTP server with Direct Mail.
  • Supports both HTML and plain text emails with attachments, the message body can be imported.
  • Flexible mail merging including several custom fields lets you personalize messages in Direct Mail.
  • Direct Mail makes use of the Mac OS X spell checker.
  • Import addresses from text files, the OS X address book or a MySQL database, or enter them directly.
  • Direct Mail lets you preview messages as they will be sent in HTML, plain text or HTML source.
  • Direct Mail supports Mac OS X 10.3+.

Guide Review - Direct Mail 1.7.6 - Email Marketing Software

Bulk email applications often have bulky user interfaces.

Not so Direct Mail with its easy to use and elegant Aqua interface. There are two tabs, one for the message and one for the list, and both contain powerful and flexible functionality.

Direct Mail allows you to write messages in HTML and plain text (unfortunately, the editor lacks comfort) and merge them flexibly with fields from the list. Addresses can be imported from text files, the OS X address book and, best of all, from MySQL databases.

Unfortunately, Direct Mail cannot write data back to the database or do any list management at all — except address validation. All in all an app with great features and a lot of potential.

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