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Hivelogic Enkoder 4.0 - Email Address Encoding Tool

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Hivelogic Enkoder - Email Address Encoding Tool

Hivelogic Enkoder - Email Address Encoding Tool

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Hivelogic Enkoder employs a smart and effective (and quite complicated) method to encode email addresses in mailto: tags in a way that hides them from spammers.


  • Hivelogic Enkoder encodes email addresses cleverly
  • You can set a default Subject line with Hivelogic Enkoder or encode your own HTML code
  • Hivelogic Enkoder uses a random key to obscure email addresses


  • Hivelogic Enkoder's standard mode could support more mailto: fields


  • Hivelogic Enkoder obscures email addresses to hide them from email address harvesting robots.
  • Hivelogic Enkoder users JavaScript and an encrypted array in conjunction with a genetic algorithm.
  • Support for a default Subject: line, link text and hover text.
  • Using a free-form field, you can also encode any HTML using Hivelogic Enkoder.
  • Hivelogic Enkoder can produce HTML 4 or XHTML 1.0 compliant code.
  • Hiveware Enkoder supports Mac OS X 10.5.

Guide Review - Hivelogic Enkoder 4.0 - Email Address Encoding Tool

If you use your email address anywhere on the web, chances are spammers will get it. The chance is particularly big if you put your address in a mailto: tag. If you use Hivelogic Enkoder, however, you can reduce the risk of your address being harvested to near zero.

Hivelogic Enkoder is easy to use but employs smart (and reasonably complicated) encoding using JavaScript in the background. Site visitors using a browser will be able to use the email address to contact you, but it should be safe from spammers.

Unfortunately, Hivelogic Enkoder only supports a default Subject: field, no Cc: and no default body in its "standard" mode. The advanced mode allows you to encode any HTML — your very own mailto: tag using any available fields, tags and formatting —, though.

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