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Mutt - Free Email Program

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Mutt - Free Email Program

Mutt - Free Email Program

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Mutt is the best console email client whose only limit is—the console.

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  • Mutt has powerful GnuPG/PGP integration
  • Extremely configurable and scriptable
  • Mutt excels with elegant and efficient program design


  • Mutt doesn't support HTML natively
  • The multitude of options and possibilities may be intimidating at first
  • Mastering all of Mutt's features can take time


  • Mutt manages multiple POP and IMAP accounts as well as local mbox, mh, maildir and MMDF mailboxes.
  • Mutt supports colors and international languages, and has really useful message threading.
  • Highly configurable including keyboard shortcuts and macros that can control most of mutt.
  • Full control over every aspect of outgoing emails, supports format=flowed messages.
  • Mutt supports HTML messages, images and other attachments flexibly via external applications.
  • Flexible message tagging, many features to make life with mailing lists easier.
  • Mutt supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/BSD/Unix.

Guide Review - Mutt - Free Email Program

There are many email clients boasting colorful interfaces and questionable ease of use. Yet many of them lack the elegance and efficiency that every byte of mutt breathes.

Mutt is a console program, so if you like graphical user interfaces and toolbar buttons—take a close look at mutt!

Mutt is highly configurable, and almost everything can be done using macros. Setting up mutt the way you want it to work may take some time, but it's worth every minute. The efficiency of a customized mutt installation working in concert with a powerful editor and third-party viewers can hardly be matched.

Naturally, mutt supports encrypted email and works fast and well-behaved in any environment. Mutt also supports your favorite editor, instead of trying to roll its own, which gives you enhanced editing options, though mutt lacks native support for creating HTML-formatted emails.

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