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GNUMail.app 1.2.0 - Free Email Program

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GNUMail.app - Free Email Program

GNUMail.app - Free Email Program

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

GNUMail.app is a slick email client with solid support for multiple accounts and powerful filters. Unfortunately, GNUMail.app doesn't support HTML, and it could find mail a tad faster or offer smart folders.


  • GNUMail.app is a well-rounded email program
  • Support for GnuPG message encryption and the exclusive use of plain text offer security
  • GNUMail.app organizes threads well


  • GNUMail.app doesn't support HTML
  • You cannot set up smart folders in GNUMail.app, and comprehensive message search could be faster
  • GNUMail.app has no internal spam filters


  • GNUMail.app lets you access multiple POP and IMAP accounts as well as local mailboxes.
  • GNUMail.app comes with a fully featured address book or makes use of the Mac OS X address book.
  • Powerful filters and the option to process mail with an external program (like SpamAssassin).
  • A plug-in lets you use GnuPGP message encryption and signing from within GNUMail.app.
  • Flexible message searches (including regular expressions).
  • GNUMail.app supports international languages and Unicode, re-wraps outgoing messages properly.
  • Using thread arcs, GNUMail.app represents relationships between messages in a very concise and helpful manner.
  • GNUMail.app supports Linux/BSD/Unix, Windows and Mac OS X.

Guide Review - GNUMail.app 1.2.0 - Free Email Program

The elegance of NeXT is almost forgotten, but you can get a taste of it with GNUMail.app (in addition to Mac OS X Mail, which once, on NeXT, was Mail.app, of course).

GNUMail.app is a slick and smart email client with lots of powerful features. Most notably, it comes with extensive filtering and can pipe mail through external filters (like SpamAssassin), too. GNUMail.app handles multiple POP, IMAP or local mailboxes gracefully and you can enhance it with secure messaging using GnuPG (no S/MIME, though).

It's a pity that GNUMail.app lacks support for HTML, and the plain text editor is not too powerful either, but for the most part it still does the right thing.

Solid support for international languages is another of GNUMail.app's pluses, and if you converse in threads you will appreciate GNUMail.app's display of arcs representing the connections between messages.

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