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Oddpost - Email Service

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Oddpost - Email Service

Oddpost - Email Service

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Boasting a rich Web interface, superior Bayesian spam filters and support for RSS feeds, Oddpost makes a great email service. Unfortunately, it requires Windows IE, lacks some features.
Oddpost has grown into Yahoo! Mail.


  • Oddpost is spam free with Bayesian filtering
  • A rich, easy to use and powerful web interface makes Oddpost highly useful and accessible
  • Oddpost provides POP and IMAP access and reads RSS feeds


  • Oddpost does not currently allow new users to sign up
  • The Oddpost web interface requires Windows and Internet Explorer
  • Oddpost lacks mail filters and support for secure email


  • Oddpost is a Web-based email service with 50 MB of online disk space.
  • A rich Web interface provides fast, Outlook Express-like email handling in Oddpost.
  • Oddpost applies multiple spam filtering techniques including Bayesian statistical analysis.
  • Teaching the Bayesian filter and improving its results is easy.
  • Oddpost supports both plain text and rich HTML messages.
  • Includes a fully featured address book (imports from .csv files) and a simple calendar.
  • Support for RSS lets you read feeds like email in Oddpost, which also imports from OPML files.
  • Oddpost can also be accessed via POP and IMAP using any desktop email client or Web POP service.
  • The Oddpost Web interface supports Windows Internet Explorer 5/6.

Guide Review - Oddpost - Email Service

There's nothing odd about your quest for an email account that combines the power and comfort of a desktop email client (like Outlook Express) with the universal accessibility of Web-based email (like Hotmail) — except part of the name of the service that achieves just that.

Oddpost is a wonderful email service, thanks to its familiar, fast and really easy to use web interface (which requires IE, though; others can use POP and IMAP), its great Bayesian spam filters and support for RSS feeds. Using Oddpost is great fun, too. Even reading the documentation can be a pleasure.

Unfortunately, Oddpost lacks some basic features, however: you can't filter mail and Oddpost can't properly quote text in replies or re-wrap text.

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