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How to Add a Graphic or Animation to Your Signature in Eudora


I like my email signature in Eudora simple and classy. Of course, this also includes a small, simple and classy animation.

Using an animated gif file in your Eudora signature allows you to add some extra pep, either for marketing or self-fulfillment purposes, or just to have some fun.

Unfortunately, Eudora allows for little flexibility and formatting power when you add an animation to your signature, and it's also a little bit more complicated than it should be. But we'll get this done even against the odds!

Add a Graphic or Animation to Your Signature in Eudora

To add an animated image to a your email signature in Eudora:

  • Create a new signature.
    • Of course, you can also edit an existing one, but I'd recommend playing with a new signature first.
  • Type your signature text.
    • Make sure you use some HTML formatting in it somewhere so Eudora adds the necessary HTML code.
    • It's enough to boldface a few characters. You can remove the formatting later.
  • Hit Ctrl-S.
  • Find and open your Eudora folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Go to the Sigs directory.
  • Double-click the {signature name}.txt file.
    • Alternatively, open this file in your favorite plain text editor.
  • Edit the file to include '<img src="{path to your animated gif}" />' (without the outer, but including the inner set of quotes) where you want to place the image.
    • Make sure "{path to your animated gif}" points to the animated gif and follows this format: "file:///C:/Documents and Settings/...".
  • Save the text file.
  • Try the new signature in Eudora.
    • Don't be alarmed if the animation disappears shortly after showing up in the signature. It will display for the email's recipient.

Unfortunately, Eudora does not allow you to use any of the <img /> tag's attributes. Anything but the very image location will be stripped.

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