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How to Restore Eudora for Windows Mailbox Files from a Backup


Restoring your Eudora messages and mailboxes from a backup copy is essentially a reversion of the backup process, but it can be a bit tricky if you have subfolders.

Restore Eudora Mailbox Files from a Backup

To restore Eudora mailbox files from a backup:

  • Open the folder containing the backup files in Window Explorer.
  • Highlight all ".mbx" files, "descmap.pce" as well as all folders with a name ending in ".fol".
  • Select Edit | Copy from the menu.
  • Now open your Eudora folder in Windows Explorer, too.
  • Create a new directory called "recovered.fol".
    • We create a new folder to make sure the recovered mailboxes do not interfere with any existing ones. To make Eudora recognize the new folder, we need to do some tweaking, though:
  • Open "descmap.pce" from your Eudora folder in Notepad.
  • Add the following line to it (without quotes):
  • Go to the "recovered.fol" subdirectory of your Eudora folder.
  • Select Edit | Paste from the menu.
  • Open "descmap.pce" from the "recovered.fol" directory in Notepad and delete the following lines:
  • Start Eudora.
  • Move the recovered mailboxes and messages from the recovered folder to your main mail repository.
  • Finally, you can delete the recovered folder.

Easy and Risky Eudora Mailbox Restoration

Note: if you are sure that recovering your backed up Eudora mailboxes will not make you lose any new mail, you can simply paste the files from your backup folder to your Eudora folder and overwrite all existing files and folders.

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