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How to Specify a Default Signature in Eudora


Eudora makes it easy to insert the right signature for the occasion.

But there are lots of emails that need no "special" signature. A default one will do fine, and inserting this one every single time by hand seams a bit tedious. Fortunately, Eudora can do that for you.

Specify a Default Signature in Eudora

To specify a default signature in Eudora:

  • Select Tools | Options from the menu in Eudora.
  • Go to the Composing Mail category.
  • Choose a default signature under When not using Stationery:.
  • Click OK.

Of course, you can still insert a specific signature instead of the default one for each message you compose.

To turn off automatic signature insertion altogether, follow the steps above and choose <No Default> as your — default signature.

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