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Specify the Delivery Date for a Message in Eudora
When ASAP is too soon, Eudora gets the timing right. Here's how to tell Eudora not to deliver a message before a certain date and time.

Check for New Mail Periodically with Eudora
Have Eudora do the mail checking for you — periodically and automatically.

Deliver or Queue a Message Quickly in Eudora
Your keyboard is Eudora's command, and it offers one of the fastes ways to deliver an email.

Change a Message's Priority in Eudora
Set the right priorities in Eudora by easily changing the priority of an outgoing message.

Change X-Eudora Options on Windows
Get full control of Eudora by editing all its hidden settings quite comfortably.

Print Multiple Messages in Eudora
Print, Eudora, print! Here's how to print multiple messages in one go with Eudora.

Know What Compacting Mailboxes Means in Eudora
Will compacting mailboxes in Eudora make my messages smaller? Not quite, but find out yourself.

Add a New Button to the Mac Eudora Toolbar
Get fast access to your most used commands and mailboxes in Eudora for the Mac.

Find Out About Your Email Usage with Eudora
How many emails do you receive? How many of them do you read? How many do you send? Eudora knows it all.

Thread Messages in Eudora
Emails of one feather, flock together in Eudora! Here's how to make Eudora group emails by thread so you can follow discussions in their logical order.

Filter on Nicknames in Eudora
Never search and update your Eudora filters again when someone's email address changes.

Change X-Eudora-Settings in Eudora for Mac
Get access to all Eudora options by editing X-Eudora-Settings.

Mark Messages Read Quickly in the Eudora Preview Pane
Read as fast as you can click — here's how to mark messages read quickly in the Eudora preview pane by adding a useful button to the toolbar.

New Message With Attachment by Drag-and-Drop in Eudora
Send files faster with Eudora by creating messages containing attachments with swift mouse gestures.

Label Messages Instantly in Eudora for Mac
Make messages very important, very personal or very being-worked-on — very fast in Eudora for Mac.

Label Messages Containing Attachments in Eudora
Have Eudora mark every message that contains a (potentially dangerous, or important) attachment automatically.

Change the New Mail Sound in Eudora for Windows
Tell Eudora to play your favorite tune or sound (or noise) when new mail comes in.

Use Small Buttons in the Eudora Toolbar
Half the button size means twice the space for more toolbar functionality in Eudora.

Make Use of Eudora's Built-in Message Plug-ins
Convert text to upper, lower and mixed case with ease in Eudora.

Change the Quotation Level in Eudora Quickly
Add or remove excerpt bars quickly in Eudora and put your replies in shape.

Print Just a Portion of a Message in Eudora
Save paper and toner by printing just part of a message with Eudora.

Add Bcc Recipients in Eudora
Send a message to Bcc recipients with Eudora to make sure they remain anonymous and unknown to the other recipients of the same email.

Reset Your Eudora .INI File
Lose your Eudora settings, and hopefully the problems, crashes and oddities you're experiencing with Eudora, too.

Insert Recipients Quickly and Comfortably in Eudora
Explore one of the fastest ways to address an email using Eudora, its "Recipient List" and your mouse.

What the Numbers in the Eudora Mailbox Corner Mean
Can I have your number? Learn to interpret the numbers that Eudora gives you as information about an email folder.

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