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PandaMail - Web-Based Email Client

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PandaMail - Web-Based Email Client

PandaMail - Web-Based Email Client

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

PandaMail provides a clean way to check your POP account from any Web browser quickly. Unfortunately, there's little else you can do, not even send mail or replies. PandaMail is no longer available.


  • PandaMail is great for quickly checking mail
  • Secure and privacy-conscious


  • Can't send emails or replies from PandaMail
  • Supports POP accounts only
  • Doesn't display HTML messages


  • PandaMail lets you access a POP account through a Web-based interface from any connected computer.
  • Two-pane display: top frame for the message list, bottom frame for the emails themselves.
  • Neither access data nor messages are kept on PandaMail servers.

Guide Review - PandaMail - Web-Based Email Client

For a site that lets you check your POP account quickly and without any fuss, check PandaMail. In a basic way that almost can't be improved, PandaMail shows you a list of messages in the top frame, and the selected message in the bottom frame.

While it's great that PandaMail prefers the plain text version by default, it would be nice if PandaMail could also display the HTML part on request.

It's also a pity that you can't do much beside reading mail: Having been misused by spammers, PandaMail currently doesn't let you send mail.

But PandaMail still a clean stop for quickly reading mail in a POP (unfortunately not IMAP) account.

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