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Molly Mail

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Molly Mail

Molly Mail

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Molly Mail is a powerful but easy to use web-based email client for POP and IMAP accounts with many useful features and hardly anything to wish for (secure email, maybe). Molly Mail is no longer available.


  • Molly Mail supports POP and IMAP accounts
  • Custom filters, automatic spam filtering
  • Can synchronize POP account with Molly Mail


  • Molly Mail doesn't support secure email
  • Spam filters not particularly efficient
  • Molly Mail doesn't offer HTML formatting in outgoing mail


  • Molly Mail provides access to POP and IMAP accounts via a Web-based interface.
  • Automatically searches for the correct way to connect to your mailbox.
  • Molly Mail lets you write new messages and replies with customizable From: addresses.
  • Lets you send and receive attachments, converts incoming Word files to plain text for display.
  • Molly Mail can synchronize POP accounts, deleting mail after you have deleted it in Molly Mail.
  • Includes an address book and calendar.
  • Flexible mail filters for automatic sorting, realtime blackhole list for spam filtering.
  • Molly Mail is also accessibly via WAP-enabled cell phones and devices.

Guide Review - Molly Mail

If your mail is on a POP (or, better even, IMAP) server, you can access it from virtually everywhere with a Web-based email client like the great Molly Mail. It supports POP and IMAP, and secure TLS/SSL connections, too.

Molly Mail even guesses the right way to connect to your account and almost always gets it right. You can read, write and reply to mail just like in a web-based email account.

Molly Mail also can synchronize POP accounts with what you see in your Molly Mail mailbox (after deleting messages), offers a simple address book and calendar, supports attachments (letting you view Word documents inline), lets you filter your messages, and a more.

Unfortunately, Molly Mail lacks support for secure encrypted and signed mail.

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