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How to Create Folders to Organize Your Mail in AOL


A folder for mom, a folder for dad, a folder for the home baking newsletter, a folder for all work-related mail... If you keep your saved AOL emails organized in folders, you'll always find them readily. But first, you need to set up the folders to hold the messages.

Create Folders to Organize Your Mail in AOL

To set up folders for organize your AOL email:

  • Click Read on the AOL toolbar.
    • Alternatively, select Mail | Read Mail from the menu.
  • Go to the Manage Mail tab.
  • Hightlight the folder under which you want to create a new folder.
    • Make sure the highlighted folder is under Saved on My PC. You cannot create folders on AOL servers.
    • To create a top-level folder, highlight Saved on My PC.
  • Click on the Setup Folders button.
  • Select Create Folder from the menu.
  • Type the desired name of your new email folder.
  • Click Save.

Now you can start saving messages to the newly created folder.

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