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eNetBot Mail 2.2 - AOL POP Email Access Tool

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eNetBot Mail - AOL POP Email Access Tool

eNetBot Mail - AOL POP Email Access Tool


The Bottom Line

eNetBot Mail lets you access AOL mail with any email client in an easy to use, transparent and reliable manner.
eNetBot Mail is no longer available.


  • eNetBot Mail provides POP access to AOL email
  • Let's you send mail through AOL, too
  • eNetBot Mail is easy to use


  • eNetBot Mail lacks server access restrictions
  • Removes all retrieved mail from AOL servers
  • An IMAP interface to AOL mail would be nice, too


  • eNetBot Mail provides access to AOL email via POP.
  • Works with any POP email client as a POP proxy to AOL's proprietary system.
  • Lets you send mail through AOL servers or directly via SMTP.
  • eNetBot Mail can remove the <PRE> tag from incoming HTML email.
  • eNetBot Mail supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - eNetBot Mail 2.2 - AOL POP Email Access Tool

AOL's email component is easy to use, but it is also quite restrictive and lacks in features. Other email programs would be a much better choice, but, alas, they don't work with AOL.

With eNetBot Mail, they do. eNetBot Mail acts as a proxy server between AOL's proprietary system and any POP email client.

eNetBot Mail is a clean, transparent, and reliable solution, and it allows you to choose your favorite email program flexibly. You can even access your mail from another computer and OS.

Unfortunately, eNetBot Mail doesn't allow any access restrictions for incoming connections. And an IMAP interface to the AOL mail system would be interesting, too.

In a typical usage situation this doesn't matter, however, and eNetBot Mail works almost perfectly.

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