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Filter Your Existing Email Account for Spam with Aliencamel


You can use Aliencamel as your (only) email account and give your @aliencamel.com address to everybody, but it's also possible to filter an existing email account for spam with Aliencamel.

You don't have to remember a different email address, and you don't have to announce it to anybody but you can still profit from Aliencamel's great spam filtering techniques.

To filter an existing (POP) email account for spam with Aliencamel:

  • Select Settings from the Aliencamel navigation bar.
  • Now follow the remote-pop link under Get email from your existing email account.
  • Enter the account details of your POP email account under POP server, Username and Password.
  • Specify how often you want Aliencamel to download new mail from your legacy account.
    • If you choose a low frequency, emails will be delivered with a delay.
  • If you want to keep a copy of all mail at the POP server, make sure Leave messages on remote server is selected.
    • Since all mail is automatically stored in your Aliencamel account, there is usually no need to turn this on.
  • Click OK.

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