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Cleisthenes threw a party, and Hippocleides asked for an empty table.
Around 600 BC, the grandfather of the Athenian also called Cleisthenes invited all citizens of Sicyon (of which he was the tyrant) to a huge feast. Hippocleides got his share of the wine and started to show off his dancing skills. He claimed an entire table to dance on, and eventually began to perform what seem to be break-dance moves (Herodotus reports Hippocleides "gesticulated with his legs" after he had "planted his head upon the table").
What happened next is a story — a famous one — in its own right. For now, let's turn to the stories and messages email does bring. Whether you have invited entire villages or just one special dancer to a circle in Google+, you don't have to gesticulate much with your arms and hands (or legs) to spot messages from them in Gmail:
If you have encircled your friends, family, contacts and more in Google+, Gmail can let you find their emails at a glance.

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