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You see a translucent glass bulb, shaped like a tea kettle or a lampshade maybe. Through the middle, a thin brazen tube rises into an assortment of further tubes and a ring that surpasses the glass ball below in diameter a bit.
"Hess'sche Wasserhebemaschine," says the museum's label: "Hess's machine for raising water." That helps.
It helps, because such a machine seems to work like so: using a crank, one stirs water in the glass bulb; as it does in the tea cup, the water rises at the edge; crank and stir hard enough, and you're pumping the water through the tube into the ring — whence it drips back into the bulb.
So that's how raising water may work in a fanciful manner. To raise just the right emails from your inbox and folders, Sparrow offers a fanciful method, too; you do not even have to crank, shake or stir:
Looking for an email? Here's how to search in Sparrow — and have it help you type email addresses, search email subject and narrow your results.

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