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What if the wind blows and the plummets fly through the woods instead of the two-legged surveying instrument? Will the ancient Roman's humongous leveling tool, the chorobate, be all useless and slanted?
Of course not. Into the long beam on top to be leveled a groove has been carved with precision. The indentation and some water in it work like a spirit level. The surveying for, say, an aqueduct continues.
What if you use Postbox instead of Sparrow? Will the humongous online disk, your Dropbox, be all useless and empty?
Of course not. Into Postbox, too, support for Dropbox has been carved with precision, and the file sending for, say, and aqueduct continues:
If you already have a file in your Dropbox folder, you can spare yourself sending it in full again with an email: Postbox makes sending links to files on Dropbox as easy as attaching them.

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