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Here's the problem: you measure the air carefully for the appropriate loudness; then, more notes are hit than you thought at the same time would be, the air pressure falls, and the playing fizzles in your mechanical piano.
On May 21, 1904, M. Welte and Sons from Freiburg in Germany received a patent for their solution, and within about a year the "Mignon" — later known as the Welte-Mignon reproducing piano — astonished the market. What a pianist played once could now be reproduced very closely: the player piano would hit the right keys at the right time with the right force.
In PostBox, too, you need but hit the right keys with conviction to reproduce easily what you write once:
Type (and format, if you like) once, insert any time: message templates are easy to set up in Postbox and can be used for entire emails or replies, or to insert often used text snippets.

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