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6 feet under Berlin's Alexanderplatz, a 40 year old motor drives a Trabant gearbox. The gears, in turn, propel a huge aluminum disc more than 6 feet (2 meters) above the ground.
On the disc, in a bulky sans-serif font, are the numbers from 1 to 24. During a day's course, the numbers pass by city names from around the world arranged on huge 24-sided prisms.
The Urania World Time Clock, still the place to meet in Berlin, makes the world's 24 time zones palpable -- as does Gmail, one could argue, if something goes wrong:
›› The sun rises while the email says it's noon? Chances are the sun is not wrong. Here's how to align your Gmail time zone with it.

October 9, 2011 at 1:30 pm
(1) G says:

Apparently gmails setting are constantly changing because nothing I found on the web helped me change my time zone in g-mail which was affecting the calendar on my phone which synced with my gmail. I only found it by fluke..in case other people are having the same problem this is how I solved it: In the settings of Gmail > accounts and import tab > Other Account settings (third option down) > find the ‘dashboard’ option on the page which should be the 5th blue hyperlink as ‘view data stored with this account > 2nd blue hyperlink ‘Edit personal information > now the page that comes up the time zone options should be obvious…for some reason it had me in Berlin!!!

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