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"The duck," Goethe noted, "lacking feathers, looked like a skeleton, ate the oat with gusto still but had digestive problems." The duck, seen by Goethe in so sorry a state, was Vaucanson's famous mechanical masterpiece. More than 1,000 movable parts allowed the artificial animal to move, eat grain and digest it, too.
Today, the duck is, unfortunately, lost. You can see a replica of sorts in Grenoble's Musee des automates, though.
Mozilla Thunderbird is still here, of course; like Vaucanson's duck, it contains hundreds of gears and springs and rods, any of which can cause it digestive problems and to get lost, in a way:
›› Instead of starting, Mozilla Thunderbird complains about a profile in use or another instance "already running, but not responding"? Here's how to kill processes and delete hidden lock files to help Mozilla Thunderbird run again. Sounds fun?

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