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Cats, Camels, Giraffes and Contacting Windows Live Hotmail Support


When a cat walks, it places the front and hind legs of one side forward, then follows with the other side's legs. Cats share this characteristic motion with camels and giraffes (and maybe brown bears). Other mammals move the front and hind legs of opposing sides together.
Why the cat, the camel and the giraffe? It is, so far, a mystery. (The Romans, by the way, called giraffes "camel-leopards" — camels that walk or at least look like leopards.) And, alas, we can't ask them easily.
If something about Hotmail does not work right and the reason is just as mysterious, you're in a better position: you can ask; easily:
›› Can't log in to your Windows Live Hotmail or Hotmail account? Plagued by a glitch that prevents you from composing messages? Here's how to contact Windows Live Hotmail tech support for help.

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