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"andra moi ennepe, mousa, polutropon, hos mala polla
planchthÍ, epei TroiÍs hieron ptoliethron epersen"
That's about all of Homer's Odyssey that I recognize if I see it. I don't think I can translate a word of it, though (except "mousa" (O Muse), maybe). Fortunately, this is not necessary to reap the cardiovascular benefit that comes with reading hexameters out loud.
Now, to say hexameter heals the heart may be the truth, but it is not the whole truth since the positive effect seems to come from the breathing pattern reading hexameters enforces. Similarly, when Hotmail says it will save a copy of a message you sent, this is the truth, but not the whole truth:
If you intend to keep a copy of a message you sent in Hotmail, saving it to the "Sent Messages" folder is not enough.
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