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How to See an Address on a Map in OS X Mail

Saturday May 31, 2014

A cut-up map of Europe is among the British Library's collection of prized goods. It was printed—and cut—in 1766 and, designed by John Spilsbury as an educational toy, is one of the earliest jigsaw puzzles.
In OS X Mail, of course, pulling up a (whole) map is no puzzle:
No map, not even a sketch is included? If the email does include the address—say, of a friend's apartment or the hotel at end of a one way street-labyrinth—, OS X Mail can show you a map centered on it that also includes shortcuts to directions and using the address for a contact.

How to Prevent People from Finding Your Gmail Address by Just Your Name and Google+

Wednesday May 28, 2014

Splendid is the name Chester for a cat, but for someone listed as the author of a scientific paper? Chester, clearly, is not enough.
So, Jack Hetherington added more names and letters: first, Chester's paternal name "Willard" as a surname; then, "F." and "D." for "felis domesticus", a Latin "domestic cat". Eventually, on the manuscript to Physical Review Letters, Chester the cat hid, in plain sight, behind the pseudonym "F.D.C. Willard".
With that in mind, what might hide behind your name in plain sight? Not your Gmail address, you hope, for others using Gmail and Google+? Be certain:
With Gmail and Google+, you can find (Gmail) email addresses by just typing recipients' names—and so can they, unless you prevent Google+ from making your address available. You can also enable addressing by just name only for people in your circles or for extended circles while disallowing everybody else.

Do Not to Forward Hoaxes

Monday May 26, 2014

For most of his life, when the composer Joseph Haydn was asked about his age and birthday, he made himself older.
Why he did that is a story of its own, but the fact itself is worthy enough of forwarding—or is it?
Email hoaxes often contain stories that are intriguing, and sure to irritate. Here's how to spot and stop urban legends.

How to Change an Email Account's Password in Mozilla Thunderbird

Sunday May 25, 2014

Surely, these 47 inches (119.5 cm) are a joke: they stretch across my kitchen's cabinet as one wide drawer. The only way to avoid shooing away people or pushing them around cooking is to do it alone. (Yes, emptying the drawer--and those beneath it just as wide--might also work.)
So, this is one thing I'd like to change; fortunately, changing email passwords in Mozilla Thunderbird is a tad easier and faster to do. Depending on your laptop's width or the presence of toddlers, you may even get to do it pushing only keys and buttons instead of people:
Updating your email account's password to keep security high? Here's how to make Mozilla Thunderbird forget the old and let you enter the new password.

How to Exclude OS X Mail Messages from Time Machine Backups

Thursday May 22, 2014

If, deep into Saxony's Ore Mountains, you see pulleys and, most prominently, cables atop railway wagon's roofs and—the latter—down to the wheels and axles, you are looking at one of the oldest systems to brake railways still used today—and safely. For when one of those cables that are such a crucial element in the functioning of a Heberlein brake snaps, the wagon—automatically stops.
Backup copies, too, offer a certain amount of security. If you already have enough backups for your taste of your email messages, Time Machine is one cord to cut easily using OS X Mail:
Don't need another backup copy of your every email in your every IMAP account? Want faster Time Machine backups that keep more copies of important data longer? Excluding all OS X Mail messages, individual accounts or even individual folders from Time Machine backups is easy.

Apples Top Border - Free Email Stationery Download and E-Card

Monday May 19, 2014

Apples Top Border - Free Email Stationery Download and E-Card500 and then some were not good enough.
At the newly established Tohoku Research Station, botanists crossed Delicious and Ralls Genet almost six hundred times in the late 1930s. In 1939, they picked their favorite.
The Tohoku region is at the northernmost tip of Japan's largest island. Today, the botanists are found a bit further south, in Morioka (where their lab is called Apple Research Station), but then they were located in beautiful Fujisaki — one good reason for the apple's name: Fuji.
Since it's not quite Fuji-picking season yet, here are some apples still on their branch and tree:
They taste good, and they look good. Put delicious apples in your emails with this great stationery. (Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express)

How to Delete a FastMail Account

Monday May 19, 2014

Diamonds are forever.
Do you have music in your head and a voice singing? Well, here's Andy Warhol: "forever what?"
Now, if you are wondering for what ever you got that FastMail account, the account need not be forever:
Tired of your FastMail account? Want to get rid of an account you visit only rarely and only to delete all mail? Here's how to delete a FastMail account together with all data associated with it.

How to Contact Zoho Mail Support

Friday May 16, 2014

Such are the problems occupying a Roman governor in the East: at one city in Cappadocia, for instance, the citizens are sinking—"(I cannot call it erecting)" translates William Melmoth, and "defodiunt magis quam aedificant" ("bury more than build") writes Pliny the Younger in his letter to emperor Trajan —a huge public bath into a basin's low ground at the foot of a hill.
Pliny fears they might be sinking the monies provided by newly appointed Roman senators for the task as well as their grandiose bath and contacts Trajan for help. If you see or suspect Zoho Mail sinking before your eyes, you can contact their support for help by electronic letter or phone:
Is your Zoho Mail account acting up, say with mail missing or folders inaccessible, or are you unsure how to do something in it? Get help directly from Zoho Mail support by email (through a web form) or phone (if you use a paid account).

How to Configure PHP to Use a Local Mail Server for Sending Mail

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Once upon a time, PHP was not called "PHP". For about a month and roughly a quarter of a year after its initial release in 1995, the scripting language for web sites went by the shorthand "FI" (Forms Interpreter).
Now, by whatever name your (web site's) local mail server is addressed, you can instruct PHP/FI to address it:
Insert messages from PHP scripts into a local mail server directly.

How to Move, Flag and Act on Mail Swiftly in iOS Mail

Tuesday May 13, 2014

You can slow down time in writing, authors say, when, at just the right time, you begin using more and preferably longer and ever longer and, possibly, more complicated words in increasingly serpentine sentences. Then, pick up speed.
In iOS Mail, you can swipe slowly and then pick up speed acting on individual messages or entire conversations:
You do not have to open an email in iOS Mail to mark it unread, flag or move it, or to start a reply. Take these actions and more right from any message list's context menu.

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