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How to Get New Mail Alerts from Mozilla Thunderbird

Tuesday April 22, 2014

"You could smell one long before you would see—or hear—him."
It was not for cracks to be mumbled beneath professorial beards for, probably, a long while to come, though, and not for the smell either, as far as I know, but for the nutritional effects that gladiators in Ancient Rome chewed garlic.
When Mozilla Thunderbird displays an alert, it is, by contrast, precisely to let you see an email well before you look at your inbox:
›› It's better to know about new mail sooner rather than later—and spot the important messages, too? Mozilla Thunderbird can display new mail alerts that also show you sender, subject and message preview.

Under the Sea - Free Email Stationery Download and E-Card

Monday April 21, 2014

Under the Sea - Free Email StationeryThe sea swallows all light. Some light, though, is swallowed more: the red, the green light and the yellow are absorbed more consequently than, say, the blue.
This, of course, is the likely reason why squid, when they glow, do so in—blue:
›› Discover the beauty of a world under the sea, and send it with this stationery. (Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express)

SaneBox - Email Sorting; Now by Subject, Too

Sunday April 20, 2014

SaneBox - Email Sorting and Triage ServiceThe sender is the most significant piece of information to classify an email as most important most often. So, SaneBox has always placed its focus there.
With the latest update, though, you can also set up subject filters, to file emails that contain certain words in their Subject: line.
As a way to keep a tab on your SaneBox account's security, you can now look up the IP addresses used to log in.
›› SaneBox does a great and helpful job separating the emails you need to see now from those you can consume at leisure, reserving your inbox for the former.

How to Add or Remove Additional Smart Inbox Folders in iOS Mail

Saturday April 19, 2014

St. Lucia has three imposing volcanic mountains and one (among many smaller ones) called Mount Grand Magasin: Mount Department Store.
In a department store, one expects to find the ordinary cacophony of wares organized in neat and smart manner, of course—as in the email department store you can set up with iOS Mail:
›› See all (and only) unread messages from all your inboxes in one place; browse inbox emails with attachments fast; get an overview of sent mail across accounts. iOS Mail comes with these smart mailboxes and a few more. They are easily enabled—and turned off again.

How to Ignore a Thread in Mozilla Thunderbird

Wednesday April 16, 2014

The Montgolfier brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jaques-Ιtienne, flew a hot balloon of air. Everybody knows that. Largely ignored are, alas, Joseph-Michel's contributions to the incalculably useful hydraulic ram.
Oh, well. You are not among the ignorers, of course; you have threads instead to ignore in Mozilla Thunderbird:
›› Want to unsubscribe not from entire mailing lists but just from obnoxious threads? Wish you could avoid announcements about conversations on which you are carbon-copied but in which you are not interested (as well as the conversations themselves)? In Mozilla Thunderbird, you can ignore threads and sub-threads without throwing out the messages or lists entirely.

How to Set Up and Rearrange Folder Shortcuts in iOS Mail

Sunday April 13, 2014

The shoots underground to a bird—a finch or some such, I think—are a pasture. Better dig them up right away and swallow quickly with sauce the sparrow-grass.
"Sparrowgrass" is, of course, a neat way to rearrange the sounds and letters in "asparagus" (or "sparagus") to better resemble other words in the language. Sparrowgrass was popular through the 18th century.
Today, in lieu of rearranging "asparagus", how about rearranging the folders in your iOS Mail folder list? You get to pick and dig up those you favor most, too:
›› Make the few important folders in your email account (or accounts) stand out—and arrange them in the order most useful to you on iOS Mail's "Mailboxes" list.

How to Have OS X Mail Copy Email Addresses Only (Excluding Names)

Thursday April 10, 2014

Leo Szilard and Albert Einstein imagined coils of wire ablaze with alternating current. They pictured liquid metal propelled by magnetic forces inside. They dreamed of a refrigerator without noisily moving parts.
Do you fantasize about OS X Mail copying email addresses without annoyingly attached names and brackets? Whole the Einstein-Szilard pump and refrigerator are not widely available today, you can get that clean and simple copying behavior quite easily:
›› Tired of deleting names and brackets after copying email addresses from a message's headers in OS X Mail? Set it up to copy just the address instead with a small preference file change.

Mail Act-On 3.0 - Now with Templates, Options and Automation for Sending Mail in OS X Mail

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Mail Act-On - OS X Mail Productivity Add-OnMail Act-On has long helped people file and manage mail fast in OS X Mail.
With version 3, it can help you send mail, too: templates (all with fields, say for the original sender's name) speed up composing replies, new outgoing mail rule actions automatically add Bcc: recipients, for instance, and additions to OS X Mail's composition screen let you send mail later and pick an archiving folder (other than "Sent Mail"):
›› Mail Act-On is a wonderful OS X Mail plug-in that saves you time and makes your mail handling better by allowing you to assign keyboard shortcuts to Mail rule actions (and adds outgoing mail filters and reply templates to boot). (Mac)

How to Archive and Delete (Rather) Swiftly in iOS Mail

Monday April 7, 2014

The rice with its starch, the stone with its weight and, of course, the conditions without any oxygen ruined, as we have seen, the rice and did to the fish what also happens, for instance, to grain under human hands: ferment it. Rather than beer, though, vodka or, indeed, sake, the process produces an early form of sushi: preserved fish. It takes some 1-3 years for that fish to emerge.
If you want to see results faster for your actions, you can preserve messages in iOS Mail —and throw them away, too:
›› Use one button to archive fast in iOS Mail and to delete quite fast, too.

How to Forward Emails as Attachments by Default in Outlook

Friday April 4, 2014

"Bahuvrihi" means "much rice" in Sanskrit, and it means "bahuvrihi" in English.
For that literal meaning of "much rice" is but the beginning. Usually, "bahuvrihi" is used for a rich person in Sanskrit—or that aspect of its grammar of which "bahuvrihi" is an example. In English, it also means that kind of word, a compound that describes an aspect of the thing, person or characteristic while all the compound word's parts (as well as their sum) mean something different than the thing, person or characteristic.
English bahuvrihi include "bluebell" and "bluestocking".
Such compounding is, of course, not the default or most common way for words to work in English. "Forward", for instance, means just "help to advance" or "send on". You can do that in Outlook defaulting to the—certainly, if at all, only slightly highbrow—forwarding by way of attachment:
›› Do you always reach for the "Forward as Attachment" option in Outlook? You can set up Outlook so it does that automatically, and emails will be attached when you use the regular "Forward" button (or keyboard shortcut).

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